SpectroSERVER shows error related to core file configuration

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Last Modified Date : 29/11/2018
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When starting the SpectroSERVER the following error is observed in the VNM.out messages. 

Nov 16 11:40:50 ERROR TRACE at VNM.cc(493): SpectroSERVER unable to set core unlimited. The system level error was: Operation not permitted 
All supported CA Spectrum releases
The ulimit value for core files isn't set properly. The Spectrum user doesn't have rights to set ulimit and the error is thrown when it tries to. 

This is observed in the following output: 
[$SPEC_USER@SS_HostName ~]$ ulimit -a 
core file size (blocks, -c) 0 

[$SPEC_USER@SS_HostName ~]$ cat /proc/27725/limits 
Max core file size 0 0 bytes 

[$SPEC_USER@SS_HostName ~]$ cat /proc/27768/limits 
Max core file size 0 0 bytes 

NOTE: The number in the /proc paths are the Process IDs (PID) for the processd and SpectroSERVER services.
Run "ulimit -c unlimited" as the root user. That will set the core file size config to unlimited. 

Once that is set, next time the SS is started as the non-root Spectrum user it will find the setting is correct and won't try to set it. 

That should result in no error being seen related to the inability to set the value.
Additional Information:
Alternative solution: Grant the Spectrum user rights to set ulimit values at the OS level.