SpectroSERVER crashes during reconfiguration of F5 device model

Document ID : KB000031633
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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SpectroSERVER crashes during reconfiguration of F5 device model. The following is seen in the stack trace:

16b7f588 005be3ee 16b7fd30 11c163c0 1ff2718b libf5big!F5SysIHIfCnfg::filter_if_table+0x2d 
16b7f7e8 005bd821 16b7fd30 1ff27d8f 137bc14a libmdlsvint!CsIHIfConfig::finish_if_change+0x72d 
16b7fbec 005a40c7 16b7fd30 00000001 00000001 libmdlsvint!CsIHIfConfig::interface_change+0x779 
16b7fc64 10020164 16b7fd30 00000001 1ff27b9f libmdlsvint!CsIHIfConfig::trig_model_activate+0x730 
16b7fd10 10072881 16b7fd2c 1ff279cb 026c8ee8 libsskrnl!CsIHActWatcher::notify+0x165 
16b7ff44 10008065 00000001 02300eb4 11c11260 libsskrnl!CsModel::activate_model+0x1b5 
16b7ff58 142428af 11c11260 026c8ee8 16b7ffb4 libsskrnl!CsActivateScheduler::process_queued_work+0x1f 
16b7ff68 14241e89 11c11260 00000000 00000000 libwkmgr!CsWorkQueue::process_work_node+0xd 
16b7ff7c 13a74cd8 02300e88 13a73e76 1ff278de libwkmgr!CsWorkScheduler::do_work+0x31 
16b7ff84 13a73e76 1ff278de 00000000 00000000 libmoot!Thread::call_thread_function+0x6 
16b7ffb4 76e4bff2 1287bc78 1fa78a13 00000000 libmoot!call_func+0x49 16b7ffec 76e4bfaa 12deb758 12deb758 00000000 kernel32!_BaseFiberStart+0x42 
16b7fff8 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 kernel32!BaseFiberStart+0x16 



Spectrum is crashing because the system firmware version is null and Spectrum was not configured to account for the null value.



As a work-around, the automatic device reconfiguration can be disabled by doing the following:

  1. Log into OneClick as an ADMIN user
  2. Find and select the F5 device model
  3. Click on the Information tab in the Component Detail panel
  4. Find and expand the Reconfiguration subview
  5. Set "Automatically Reconfigure Interfaces" to "No"

The resolution is included in the Spectrum 09.04.02.D63 patch for Spectrum Contact Spectrum Support for a copy of this patch.