SpectroSERVER crash after upgrade from one version of Spectrum to another in a DSS

Document ID : KB000044500
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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ISSUE: SpectroSERVER crash after upgrade from one version of Spectrum to another in a Distributed SpectroSERVER (DSS) environment. For example, when upgrading from Spectrum 9.3.0 to Spectrum 9.4.0. The following is seen in the stack trace of the core file (Linux) or mdmp file (Windows):

core file on Linux:

#0  0x08978586 in VpnIHVpnCondition::ComputePingStats(CsModelHandle const&) ()    from /usr/ca/spec1/SS/Modules/libvpn.so.1

#1  0x08978c80 in VpnIHVpnCondition::trig_timer(CsModelHandle const&, unsigned long) () from /usr/ca/spec1/SS/Modules/libvpn.so.1


mdmp file on Windows:

14c8fe2c 0badbe13 11b67bbc 11b67ba0 14c8ff4c libvpn!VpnIHVpnCondition::ComputePingStats+0x1e1 [d:\spectrum\delmar\cm\windows\\vpn.a\intel\vpnihvpncondition.cc @ 2054] 

14c8fe3c 100351ab 11b67bbc 00000001 fea934f4 libvpn!VpnIHVpnCondition::trig_timer+0x36 [d:\spectrum\delmar\cm\windows\\vpn.a\intel\vpnihvpncondition.cc @ 935] 


CAUSE:  A SpectroSERVER system in the DSS is still running the older version of Spectrum. In the example given in the ISSUE section above, at least one of the SpectroSERVER systems in the DSS is still running Spectrum 9.3.0 while the one that is crashing is running 9.4.0.


RESOLUTION:  All SpectroSERVERs (primary and secondary) and all OneClick and SRM systems in a DSS must be running the same Spectrum version, and in some cases, the same patch (PTF or debug) level. A mixed version DSS is not supported.

When upgrading a DSS, it is recommended to upgrade all of the primary (or secondary SpectroSERVER systems) first, then upgrade the others. For example, shutdown all primary SpectroSERVER systems and at least one OneClick system (if there are multiple) and upgrade them all at one time. When the upgrade of the primary SpectroSERVER systems are complete, start them as normal while shutting down the secondary SpectroSERVER and other OneClick and SRM systems for upgrade.