SOURCE Keyword For Terminal Source Restriction For The IPV6 128 Binary Address

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Can the SOURCE keyword be used to restrict a user to an IP address for IPV6 like the manuals have documented for IPv4. For example:

 	IPv4 HEX value of with: SOURCE(7f000001) 

IPV6 address 128 binary bits format-eight parts divided by colons&....example for localhost is ::1


The SOURCE restriction can be used with whatever is in the terminal field passed along the RACROUTE REQUEST=VERIFY,ENVIR=CREATE, i.e. a signon. When connecting via an IPV6 type address and that field is filled up with acceptable characters, then it should be possible to use it as aSOURCE restriction. For example, if '::1' is passed in the terminal field on the RACROUTE REQUEST=VERIFY,ENVIR=CREATE, then to restrict the signon to this source, use:

 	TSS ADD(acid#) SOURCE(::1)