SOS on pool 255 during CREATE INDEX

Document ID : KB000118668
Last Modified Date : 30/10/2018
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CA IDMS is experiencing short-on-storage in pool 255 when performing CREATE INDEX on an existing table.
CA IDMS, all supported releases.
CREATE INDEX on a table where there are already (potentially many) existing rows can cause a heavy load to the system.
It must do alot of update and set many locks, according to the amount of rows there are.
There is no way to COMMIT within the CREATE INDEX because it is all one command.
This can exhaust SYSLOCKS and overflow into pool 255 (XA STORAGE POOL).
Tips to minimize this problem:
1. Make sure SYSLOCKS is at least 100,000, or even more.
2. Monitor your XA STORAGE POOL and enlarge it if possible.
3. Perform only one CREATE INDEX at a time.
For very large tables, it is possible that none of these will help and the CREATE INDEX will have to be done in a local mode IDMSBCF job step.
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