Some iConsole searches run full table scans on partitioned tables

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Last Modified Date : 13/06/2018
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Some searches can take a long time to execute over partitioned tables.

If a standard search is executed, it returns events quickly as seen in the iConsole log:

Search published/Standard Search SP=cswgn_  reports.Std_Search_V2_12 ID=xz5cla45n5snltmpxkxtyy54:Results:00000000 returned 3988 results in 26.86 seconds

If one of the events is selected and a search is performed by clicking the icon 'Get events related to the context of this event' a full table scan of the Wgn3EventParticipant occurs and the iconsole log shows:

Search system/Context Search SP=Wgn_iConsole.Context_Search_V1_1 ID=xz5cla45n5snltmpxkxtyy54:Results:00000003 returned 125 results in 224.74 seconds.

Note: The log entries above are only illustrations, times will vary depending on the amounts of data.

CA Data Protection 15.2
The Context Search Report takes a long time to retrieve the results due to searches running a full table scan on the partitioned Wgn3EventParticipant table.
FIX:SO04008 has been released to address this issue.  After applying this fix, Context Search Report performance is improved when executed against partitioned tables. 

FIX:SO04008 (incorporating Reports_15.20_HF0180) is available to download from the CA Support Portal (
Additional Information:
CA DataMinder, CA DLP Orchestria, Orchestria APM, Orachestria EPM are previous brand names for the product now known as CA Data Protection.