Some components show as not being supported by the metric families

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Last Modified Date : 15/08/2018
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Why does a metric family show as not supported when looking at Monitored Devices -> Device -> Polled Metric Families?
To find out why a Metric Family is listed as Not Supported you will need to look at each Vendor Certification listed within the Metric Family.  You can see this information in the CAPC GUI by going to Administration -> Data Sources -> Data Aggregator -> Monitoring Configuration -> Metric Families.

In the following example we are expecting the UPS Metric Family to be supported, specifically the three Power Net Vendor Certifications:

1. Access the Power Net UPS Battery Vendor Certification. (Monitoring Configuration -> Vendor Certifications)
2. Mouse over the name column header and click the cog wheel on the right of the column header
3. Click Columns then select Internal Name

The internal name name of the Power Net UPS Battery vendor certification is PowerNetUPSBatteryMib

4. Take the internal to the following REST page: http://daHostname:8581/typecatalog/certifications/snmp/internalName


5. Scan through the certification looking for the <IsKey>true</IsKey> fields.  All key fields MUST be available and accessible when the Data Collector reaches out to the device for it to be supported.

In this example the only IsKey OID is:

<Attribute name="Index" type="ObjectID">

And the reason this example showed this Metric Family / Vendor Certification as unsupported is because does not exist on the end device.