Some CA IDEAL WEB transactions fail after upgrade to CA IDEAL 14.0

Document ID : KB000057068
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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After upgrading from CA IDEAL 11.0 to CA IDEAL 14.0 some IDEAL WEB transactions that generate XML code are not working properly anymore.

Some messages are truncated. 

What causes this problem and how can this be corrected? 








The reason for the different behavior is that CA IDEAL 11.0 uses CICS Web Interface (CWI) while CA IDEAL 14.0 uses CICS Web Support (CWS) as recommended by IBM.

IBM has said CWI will be eliminated in favor of CWS in future. 


In CA IDEAL 14.0 the COMMAREA variable is reconstructed by requesting the individual pieces from CICS Web Support.

When CA IDEAL requests the query it fails to parse and CA IDEAL gets incomplete content. 

In order to continue to execute using CWI, CA IDEAL 14.0 has provided a "direct link transaction driver" module SC00DLTD (refer to RO64275 IDEAL 14.0 Solution 68).

Modify the IDEAL web analyzer (IDLWBADx) to invoke SC00DLTD instead of SC00WBTD.

This should allow your IDEAL/Web application to execute without change in IDEAL 14.0.

Please consider application changes in the future that allow the use of CICS Web Support.