Some attributes not available for configuration in Power Filter

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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There are some attributes that do not show up for configuration in the filter section nor in the [Build Power Filter] page. There are some attributes that are available for configuration in the filter section and not in the [Build Power Filter] page. Here is one example. Can you please explain why the attributes cannot be configured and used in filtering?

Creating a user-defined custom calculated attribute on any object is not showing as an available attribute for configuration in a power filter. The example below is given for the Project Object, but the issue can be reproduced on other objects too.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Login to the application as an administrator user

  2. Administration, Studio: Objects: Project, Attributes Tab

  3. Click 'New' button
    Attribute Name = 'My Calculated Number Attribute'
    Attribute ID = 'my_calc_number'
    Data Type = Calculated
    Result Data Type = Number
    Click 'Save' and configure the calculation
    Current Expression Absolute(12345)
    (it does not matter how the calculation is defined)

  4. Add the attribute to the following views
    Views > Project List : [Layout]
    Views > Project Filter : [Layout]
    Be sure that the 'Allow Power Filter' option is selected

  5. Home, Projects 
    Note: you can see the field in the Project List View and in the Filter Section

  6. Click [Power Filter]
    Select 'Project' in the Left : Object field
    From the 'Field' pull-down look for 'My Calculated Number Attribute'

Expected Result: The calculated attribute should appear as an available attribute.
Actual Result: The calculated attribute is not available for selection.



Calculated, Formula and Virtual attributes are not to be used in a power filter.

These attribute data types can be used on the Filter Layout in conjunction with a power filter (defined with other attribute data types) as an 'AND' condition. 

Note: Large String, Time-Varying and Attachment attribute data types are not available for use in filter or sorting actions.