Some alarms appear to be missing usertags

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Last Modified Date : 26/02/2019
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After setting usertag(s) at the controller level, some alarms appear to come through from certain probes without a usertag attached.  This may affect only certain alarms from individual probes while other alarms from the same probe work fine


Careful examination of the alarms, in most cases, will reveal that the alarm message contains the word "threshold", or the phrases "dynamic threshold" or "static threshold.  These alarms are actually generated as a result of alarms which are configured against baselines, and originate from the baseline_engine probe.

Since baseline_engine "impersonates" the sending probe, and does not actually reside on the robot in question, the usertag(s) from the robots will not be picked up by the probe.


This can be worked around by setting up NAS auto-operators and a LUA script to add usertags to the alarms from a particular robot which do not have them.

For example, here is a simple LUA script which could be used in NAS to set the usertag_1 field for an alarm which is passed to the script:


a = alarm.get()

a.user_tag1 = "My Usertag 1"



Then a corresponding Auto-Operator should be configured to match alarms from the desired robot which do not already have the usertag populated.  Such a profile might look like this:


This profile will run the script (thus adding the usertag) to all alarms which appear to come from "MyRobot" - make special note of the "not" flag enabled on the User Tag 1 field - this prevents the NAS from going into an infinite loop, as it will only update alarms which don't already have the usertag in place.