Some additional Hardware Interface Service (HISRV) query commands you may find useful.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Additional Hardware Interface Service Commands 

The Hardware Interface Service (HISRV) feature provides some additional commands available to you for displaying supplemental information. They are:

SH HWITOP - Shows HMC topology (entities).

SH HWIDT   - Shows HMC data types.

SH HWIET   - Shows HMC entities in detail.

SH HWIAT   - Shows HMC entity attributes.

SH HWIEV   - Shows the HMC event list.

These commands are entered as console modify commands issued against the HISRV started task name, for example:

F hisrv,SH HWIAT

where "hisrv" is the HISRV started task name.


Examples of output:

SH HWITOP                                                                       
NK0620 CURRENT HWI ENTITY LIST FOLLOWS...                                       
NK0621 LV ENTITY TYPE      ENTITY NAME                                ID       S
NK0625 1  ENTERPRISE       CSNM HIS REGION                            F0000001 R
NK0625 2  INSTALLATION      CSNM HIS                                  F76DE918 R
NK0625 3  ENSEMBLE           IBM390PS.MF01                            F76DE919 C
NK0625 4  CPC                 IBM390PS.MF01                           F76DE91A C
NK0625 5  LPAR                 SY01                                   F76DE91C S
NK0625 5  LPAR                 SY02                                   F76DE91D C
NK0625 5  LPAR                 SY03                                   F76DE91E S
NK0625 5  LPAR                 SY04                                   F76DE91F S
NK0625 5  LPAR                 SYSA                                   F76DE920 S
NK0625 5  LPAR                 SYSB                                   F76DE921 S
NK0625 5  LPAR                 SYSC                                   F76DE922 S
NK0625 5  LPAR                 SYSD                                   F76DE923 S
SH HWIDT                                                  
NK0630 HWI DATA TYPE LIST FOLLOWS...                      
NK0631 CODE NAME             FLGS   LEN CTYPE    CPAGE    
NK0632      DESCRIPTION                                   
NK0633      ASM-EQU-NAME                                  
NK0635 1    UNKNOWN-TYPE     BV-- 32767 -        -        
NK0636      UNKNOWN DATA TYPE                             
NK0636      IS INDETERMINATE                              
NK0637      ZHWI_ADT_VLBINU                               
NK0635 2    BIN-FL           BF--     0 -        -        
NK0636      BINARY DATA (FIXED LENGTH)                    
NK0637      ZHWI_ADT_FLBIN                                
NK0635 3    BIN-VL           BV-- 32767 -        -        
NK0636      BINARY DATA (VAR LENGTH)                      
NK0637      ZHWI_ADT_VLBIN                                
NK0635 4    BIN-UNSIGNED-NUM BF--     4 -        -        
NK0637      ZHWI_ADT_UBNUM   
SH HWIET                                                     
NK0640 HWI ENTITY TYPE LIST FOLLOWS...                       
NK0641 CODE NAME             LEV  P-CD FLGS  GROUP           
NK0642      DESCRIPTION                                      
NK0643      ASM-EQU-NAME                     AEMASK          
NK0645 1    ENTERPRISE       1    0    R---  ENTPRISE        
NK0646      ENTERPRISE (ROOT ENTITY)                         
NK0646      THE BASE OF THE ENTIRE ENTITY TREE               
NK0647      ZHWI_ET_ENTPRS                   0080000000000000
NK0645 5    INSTALLATION     2    1    ----  ENTPRISE        
NK0646      INSTALLATION (DATA CENTER)                       
NK0647      ZHWI_ET_INSTL                    0040000000000000
NK0645 10   ENSEMBLE         3    5    ----  HARDWARE        
NK0647      ZHWI_ET_ENSEMBLE                 0020000000000000
NK0645 15   CPC              4    10   ----  HARDWARE        
NK0646      CENTRAL PROCESSING COMPLEX                       
NK0647      ZHWI_ET_CPC                      0008000000000000
SH HWIAT                                                     
NK0650 HWI ATTRIBUTE TYPE LIST FOLLOWS...                    
NK0651 CODE NAME             FLGS   LEN DTYP DTYPE-NAME      
NK0652      DESCRIPTION                                      
NK0653      ASM-EQU-NAME                     ETMASK          
NK0655 1    ENTITY NAME      V---    32 10   VL-CHAR-E       
NK0656      ENTITY NAME                                      
NK0657      ZHWI_AT_GEN_ENTNAME              00FFE080F0C00000
NK0655 2    ENTITY TYPE (N)  F---     4 4    BIN-UNSIGNED-NUM
NK0656      ENTITY TYPE (NUMBER)                             
NK0656      THE TYPE CODE FOR THE ENTITY                     
NK0657      ZHWI_AT_GEN_ENTTYPEB             00FFE080F0C00000
NK0655 3    ENTITY TYPE (C)  V---    16 10   VL-CHAR-E       
NK0656      ENTITY TYPE (CHARACTER STRING)                   
NK0656      THE TYPE NAME FOR THE ENTITY                     
NK0657      ZHWI_AT_GEN_ENTTYPEC             00FFE080F0C00000
NK0655 8    ENTITY ID        F---     4 7    BIN-HANDLE      
NK0656      HIS-ASSIGNED ENTITY ID                           
NK0657      ZHWI_AT_GEN_ENTID                00FFE080F0C00000
SH HWIEV                                                     
NK0660 HWI EVENT TYPE LIST FOLLOWS...                        
NK0661 CODE NAME             TYPE                            
NK0662      DESCRIPTION                                      
NK0663      ASM-EQU-NAME                     ETMASK          
NK0665 10   SERVER-UP        SYS                             
NK0666      ZHIS SERVER UP EVENT                             
NK0666      NOT NORMALLY SEEN                                
NK0667      ZHWI_EC_SYS_SERVER_UP            8000000000000000
NK0665 11   SERVER-DOWN      SYS                             
NK0666      ZHIS SERVER DOWN EVENT                           
NK0667      ZHWI_EC_SYS_SERVER_DOWN          8000000000000000
NK0665 12   H/W-I/F-UP       SYS                             
NK0666      SERVER HARDWARE INTERFACE UP                     
NK0667      ZHWI_EC_SYS_HWIF_UP              8000000000000000
NK0665 13   H/W-I/F-DOWN     SYS                             
NK0666      SERVER HARDWARE INTERFACE DOWN                   
NK0667      ZHWI_EC_SYS_HWIF_DOWN            8000000000000000