SOI Connectors losing connections to Spectrum Servers

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Last Modified Date : 03/10/2018
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The Spectrum Connector is skipping the connector reinitialization when a heartbeat is missing.




Spectrum IM connector uses CORBA API to regularly communicate and retrieve data from CA Spectrum servers.

You must make sure that there is minimal network latency between the connector and Spectrum server. Poor network performance or high network latency can cause missing heartbeats and re-initialization of connector.

Errors seen in the Spectrum Connector log

Notifying ErrorListeners of exception MDR host xxxxxxxx is unavailable MDR host xxxxxxxx is unavailable 

Spectrum Heartbeat missed during Connector startup, ignoring 

Windows OS

A new system property (spectrum.connector.heartbeatmiss.ignore) is added to skip the reinitializing the connector if the heartbeat is missing. By default the value of this property is set to 'false'. To enable this property, follow these steps:

  1. Go to $SOIROOT\jsw\conf\SAM-IntegrationServices.conf.
  2. Change the “spectrum.connector.heartbeatmiss.ignore” property value to true.) 
    (for example, 
    Update: You must start with additional.1 and count up without gaps (This is a convention for shoe-horning lists into Java properties syntax). 
  3. Restart the IFW Service.
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