SOI - CMDB synchronization doesn't work

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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SOI synchronization to CMDB does not work. 

Steps to reproduce:

1) Created Test service in CMDB, imported it to SOI. 

2) When I made some changes with service in SOI (as editing notes or add CI) nothing changed in CMDB and CI not imported in it. 


SOI 3.3 CUM1, CUM2

CMDB Connector


Please follow these steps

  1)      Make sure ‘Service Synchronization’ option is enabled in the SOI Admin Dashboard -> Manager Configuration -> Synchronization Configuration1.jpg


Note: If this is not enabled, select ‘enabled’, save and then restart ‘CA SAM Application Server’ service on the SOI Manager.

    2) Make sure CA Catalyst Container Service is running on the CMDB Connector node

    3) Make sure the Connector status is Online and ‘IsRemotable’ flag is selected

    4) Make sure all relevant “Classes” & “Families” are updated in the connector configuration page

        Ex: Add ‘Hardware.Server’ family to DeviceXXXForFamilies section to publish ComputerSystem CIs from SOI to CMDB2.jpg

     Note: The connector need to be recycled after adding new Class or Family.


    5) Import a Service from CMDB Connector into SOI by using Import Services option in SOI Console



    6) Now, add a CI into this Service by using 'Edit Service' option as shown below


    7) Drag & drop a CI of other connector like Spectrum, APM etc into this Service. As we see in the screenshot, the highlighted CI is from Universal Connector


    8) This CI will be added to CMDB through SOI Service Synchronization

    9) Launch CMDB Gui and Search for this newly added CI under 'CI List' as shown below


    10) Per above screenshot, the CI is created in CMDB with ‘Hardware.Server’ family & ‘Server’ class

    11) If the synchronization doesn't work as expected like the CI doesn't get created in CMDB, please check for below exception in the \SOI\tomcat\logs\Catalyst.log

    ERROR [WrapperStartStopAppMain] () jms.JMSNotificationManager.postConstruct(53) - Unable to create jms connection javax.jms.JMSException: Could not connect to broker URL: tcp://<SOI Manager>:61616. Reason: Connection refused: connect

    12) If so, then execute the following steps on SOI Manager

  1. Stop the CA SAM Application Server service on SOI Manager
  2. Navigate to \SOI\tomcat\registry\topology\physical\node0\sor folder
  3. Update the following files with the server name with the output of %COMPUTERNAME% case sensitive (Open a CMD then Run: echo %COMPUTERNAME%)restserver.xml sorapp.xml and ssaserver.xml




Note: <Computername> has to be the exact content of %COMPUTERNAME%

   4. Open a cmd window, navigate to the \SOI\tomcat\registry folder and run the command "registryloader". 

        Note: Ignore any warning messages about log4j settings. 

   5. Start CA SAM Application Service service

Now, synchronization works.