Software Package, Package Dependency not working after upgrading to ITCM R14

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When in ITCM  R14 using Default settings  package with procedure dependencies, why the dependencies do not appear to be executing prior to package procedure ?


CA Client Automation - ITCM R14

Patch Manager -  ITCM R14 

Cause:  When Job linkage has been set to "batch job execution", procedure dependency gets honored. When  job linkage is set to "no linkage", dependent procedures are ignored.


Job linkage option default setting has been change in ITCM 14 . 

  • Default: No linkage  

This change was made for couple of reasons. 
1> Most of the times jobs in a job container are independent so it can be executed even if the other one fails. 

Using batch mode , the Job container will fail if any install job fail. If the container has more than one job , when the first job fail the other two job will fail or if first job is successful but the second job fails then third job will fail. 

To prevent this from happening and to run Job container independently option No linkage is used 

2> From a patch manager perspective,  this change is made  for IntelliRollups. IntelliRollups patches where the individual patches should get installed even if other patch in the Rollup fails. 

Hence , IntelliRollups cannot be run using the ‘Batch’ mode as a single patch installation failure will cause the entire job to fail without even attempting the subsequent patches. So,  SD packages created by Patch Manager would have ‘No linkage’ by default.

There are two options to choose :

1) In the Setup jobs window, Job linkage , select Batch mode for packages which have procedure dependencies and set the ‘ Batch ‘ mode as ‘ default" and next time on wards, , batch job mode will be set permanently until change 

2) Change it to NO linkage if deploying IntelliRollups patches or in case any other job should run independently and continue even if the other one fails. 

No Linkage .jpg

Batch .jpg