Software Jobs Stuck in Terminating State

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Last Modified Date : 29/05/2018
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Software jobs are stuck in the "terminating" state.
Client Automation (ITCM) -- any version.
Most commonly, the issue is caused simply by the System Delivery Engine (aka Software Delivery Task Manager process) is not running, and therefore not processing tasks.  Less commonly, there is a scenario, as part of the job container termination process, where the Task Manager is waiting indefinitely for a reply from the Data Transport Service (DTS), that all transfers associated with the job container have been cleaned up.  When Task Manager does not receive a reply, it may wait indefinitely, leaving the job in a terminating state.
Firstly, you should always try simply recycling CAF:
# caf stop
# caf start

If a simple CAF recycle does not resolve, then you can use the following database script to delete any container stuck in the terminating state:

Note: Ensure CAF is stopped prior to running this script!

declare @var_objectid varchar(50)
declare job_delete cursor for

select objectid from usd_job_cont where state=8 and objectid in (select jobcont from usd_jcview) and objectid in (select jcchild from usd_link_jc) and objectid in (select jcont from usd_link_jc_act)

open job_delete
fetch job_delete into @var_objectid
while (@@fetch_status=0)
  delete usd_jcview where jobcont=@var_objectid
  delete usd_link_jc where jcchild=@var_objectid
  delete usd_link_jc_act where jcont=@var_objectid
  delete usd_cc where objectid=@var_objectid
  delete usd_job_cont where objectid=@var_objectid
fetch job_delete into @var_objectid

close job_delete
deallocate job_delete