Software Delivery Job displays "Open File - Security Warning" dialog box.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Execution of a Software Delivery Job is displaying a Security Warning dialog box :

"Open File - Security Warning. Do you want to run this file ?"

Example :




Explanation :

This problem occurs when the Software Delivery Agent accesses the Software Package using the SDLIBRARY$ share of the Scalability Server and when the procedure file tries to execute another file.

The Software Delivery Agent runs as the Local System Account, and the execution of another file from the share is considered as a download from the Internet Zone and a security warning is displayed in order to confirm the download.


Example :

A package for HP drivers is executing HPZstub.exe.

Software Delivery executes it by mapping a drive (z:) to the SDLIBRARY$ share of the Scalability Server :



HPZstub.exe tries to execute hpzsetup.exe and the Security Warning dialog box is displayed in order to ask confirmation to download the file hpzsetup.exe from z:



In order to avoid the display of this dialog box this method could be used :

1- Create a .bat file inside the Software Package containing these lines :

<command to execute>

Example :



2- Create a procedure for the .bat file and use it for deployment of this package.



Setting the variable SEE_MASK_NOZONECHECKS=1 in the package will temporary disable the Zone Checking.

See this Microsoft Page for more information about this :