Software Delivery: End users are prompted for the MSI source (e.g. Z:\activate)

Document ID : KB000026319
Last Modified Date : 05/03/2018
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After delivering an MSI based software package to a target computer, the end user is prompted for the location of the MSI to install additional files after launching the application for the first time. This scenario can be typical when an application requires more files or features after the initial installation.

Client Automation (ITCM) -- any version.
This scenario happens when delivering an MSI to a target computer using the "Local Install" procedure. Under the local installation procedure, the package is stored in a temporary location during the product installation and removed when the installation is completed. Hence the end user will not be able to reference the source files.

To resolve this problem, you must use a feature of the MSI called, "Administrative Installation" and create an administrative install point at the ITCM scalability server. To do this, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Enable the MSILIB share on the scalability server you wish to make the MSI administrative installation. This can be done by pushing the procedure, "Enable MSILIB share" from the "CA DSM Scalability Server" software package to the scalability server. Or, you can enable the share manually by running, "sd_sscmd addshare msilib" on the target scalability server.
  2. Deploy the "Administrative Install" procedure from the desired software package to the target scalability server. This will create the Administrative install point for all agents linked to this scalability server.
  3. To take advantage of the new Administrative installation point on the scalability server, use the "Network Install" procedure instead of the "Local Install" procedure when deploying the software package to target computers. Now, if the application requires additional installation files beyond the initial setup, it will be able to continually reference the administrative installation point at the scalability server without prompting the user.

Note: If you receive MSI error code 1619 when deploying the "Network Install" procedure of an MSI based package, be sure to check that the software package was installed using the "Administrative Installation" procedure at the ITCM scalability server the agent is linked.