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Getting Handshake errors in smps.log for agent on both the primary and failover production. The policy server services are running but keep stopping on failover policy server. I suspect we might see the same failure on the primary evidentially. What are these errors? The agent seems to be connecting fine because users can log in to applications under the web agent.

11804/129354][Tue Nov 01 2005 10:44:34][CServer.cpp:1373][ERROR] Bad security handshake attempt. Handshake error: 3159
[11804/129354][Tue Nov 01 2005 10:44:34][CServer.cpp:1378][ERROR] Handshake error: Failed to receive client hello. Client disconnectedPolicy Server shuts down unexpectedly.

[2468/5][Mon Oct 24 2005 21:23:43][CServer.cpp:2415][ERROR] Failed to accept client connection on TCP server socket. Socket error 24
[2468/5][Mon Oct 24 2005 21:23:43][CServer.cpp:2418][INFO] The encountered condition indicates a possible misconfiguration. Shutting down the policy server...
[2468/1][Mon Oct 24 2005 21:23:43][CServer.cpp:4234][INFO] Thread 1 received signal, stopping...
[2468/1][Mon Oct 24 2005 21:23:43][CServer.cpp:3326][INFO] smpolicysrv shutting down


Check the file descriptors setting on your UNIX machine.
"ulimit -a" will show you all the limit parameters.

The nofiles parameter gives the total number of files (sockets + file descriptors) that this shell and its descendants have been allocated.

To increase the limit of nofiles, place ulimit -n 1-24 command in the .profile or smprofile.ksh of the smuser account.

Please go through Policy Server Installation Guide -> Installing the Policy Server on UNIX Systems -> how to prepare for the Policy Server Installation -> Modify the UNIX System Parameters for more details.