SO05694 and SO04635 HOLDDATA clarification

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Last Modified Date : 07/03/2019
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SO05694 HOLDDATA involves a CAIRIM refresh and user program re-assemblies. This article clarifies the order in which these tasks can be performed.
SO05694 replaces APFLIB module RHDCSSFM, several "normal" IDMS system modules (non-APFLIB), and some DSECTs.
If user exits 28 and 29 are in use, they must be re-assembled, along with any other user programs which reference the replaced DSECTs.
Care must be taken in the order in which the various modules can be deployed.
CA-IDMS, r19.0.
When implementing SO05694, the CAIRIM refresh of RHDCSSFM and the deployment of the updated non-APFLIB IDMS system modules can be done separately, and they can be done in either order.
However, the deployment of the re-assembled user exits and programs must be done at the same time as the non-APFLIB modules are deployed.
Furthermore, the functionality implemented by SO05694 will not be in place until RHDCSSFM has been refreshed with the updated version.
Additional Information:
SO05694 replaces the same content as SO04635. It just corrects some SMP/E errors that were in SO04635.
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