SNMPv3 INFORMS do not work with CA Spectrum

Document ID : KB000029044
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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SNMPv3 informs would not work with CA Spectrum for devices that do not support engine ID discovery.

For devices that do not support engine ID discovery, the remote engine id on the device needs to be set to the authoritative SNMP engine (the SS). Prior to this fix, a user would need to run a packet capture to determine the engine id. The problem was that the engine id would change every time the SpectroSERVER was stopped and restarted. Since the remote engine id needs to be manually configured on device, this causes large administrative overhead to constantly change the engine id on the devices each time the SS is stopped and restarted.

This has been fixed in Spectrum_09.03.00.PTF_H0136 for 9.3 H01:

Symptom: SpectroSERVER unable to process SNMPv3 informs sent from devices that don't 
        support engine ID discovery.  These devices require manual configuration of the remote 
        engine ID, and therefore must be something that doesn't change.
        Resolution: The SpectroSERVER's SNMPv3 local engine ID is now static( defaults to MAC address ), 
        and is configurable via new .vnmrc entry "snmpv3_engine_id=".
	(337529, 21991359-1)
This patch/fix allows you to specify the engine id so that you can set it on the devices and the engine id will not change when the SS is stopped and restarted.

This fix is tentatively scheduled to be included in 9.4.2 and 10.0.