SNMPV3 duplicate engine alarms in the VNM.OUT

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Various problems related to SNMPV3 are seen in 10.1.1


1. Symptom: Invalid SNMPv3 duplicate engine alarms.

2. Symptom: Rare but consistent SpectroSERVER hangs due to multiple problems with the SNMP subsystem. Symptoms can include failed online backups, failed shutdowns and invalid management agent lost alarms.

3. Symptom: Rare SpectroSERVER crash on startup when using custom AlertMaps.


CA Spectrum 10.1.1

Please contact support to request 10.01.01.PTF_10.1.160.

1.  Resolution: Changed architecture to avoid invalid SNMPv3 duplicate engine alarms.

(DE160674, 00367910)

2.  Resolution: Major overhaul of SNMP subsystem, designed to improve efficiency and stability.

        (DE19846, 00454502)

3.  Resolution: Resolved memory fault causing SpectroSERVER crash.

        (DE242230, 00507304)

Additional Information:





runme.exe (Windows)

uninstall_PTF_10.1.160.exe (Windows)

ArchMgr.exe (Windows)

libgserv.dll (Windows)

libicmp.dll (Windows)

libicmpserv.dll (Windows)

librex.dll (Windows)

liblmtcon.dll (Windows)

liblmtmgr.dll (Windows)

SA-SCMSS.dll (Windows)

libsskrnl.dll (Windows)

libsv1mm.dll (Windows)

libhpse.dll (Windows)

libitc.dll (Windows)

libmdlsvint.dll (Windows)

libsdmcasdm.dll (Windows)

libalert.dll (Windows)

libsnmps.dll (Windows)

libiprmcmn.dll (Windows)


runme (Solaris/Linux)

uninstall_PTF_10.1.160.exe (Solaris/Linux)

ArchMgr (Solaris/Linux) (Solaris/Linux) (Solaris/Linux) (Solaris/Linux) (Solaris/Linux) (Solaris/Linux) (Solaris/Linux) (Solaris/Linux) (Solaris/Linux) (Solaris/Linux) (Solaris/Linux) (Solaris/Linux) (Solaris/Linux) (Solaris/Linux) (Solaris/Linux) (Solaris/Linux) (Solaris/Linux)