SNMPv3 Devices Not Showing in PM

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Last Modified Date : 01/11/2018
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Devices are configured properly but still not showing properly in PM.
The device names are showing as IP instead of device name.
Device type showing as pingable instead of switch, router, etc.
CAPM 3.5
Target devices have SNMPv3 enabled and all have unique engine id's
after enabling debug for discovery, we see this in the karaf.log from the DC:

2018-09-28 12:15:11,300 | INFO  | tory-thread-8172 | IcmpDiscoveryRunner              | mp.collector.IcmpDiscoveryRunner   73 | 197 - - 3.5.0.RELEASE-191 |  | Starting ICMP range discovery for 1 ip addresses
2018-09-28 12:15:11,305 | INFO  | xecutor-thread-2 | IcmpDiscoveryRunner              | mp.collector.IcmpDiscoveryRunner  219 | 197 - - 3.5.0.RELEASE-191 |  | ICMP range discovery complete with 1 responding IPs.
2018-09-28 12:15:11,306 | WARN  | Response Pool.0  | TooBigListener                   | dm.snmp.collector.TooBigListener  279 | 196 - - 3.5.0.RELEASE-191 |  | TooBigListener received non response PDU.  Sending timeout ResponseEvent to original response listener.  Original Response Event:ResponseEvent [source=ReportProcessor, address=, request=GETNEXT[{contextEngineID=80:00:1f:88:16:7e:1f:8e:7e, contextName=}, requestID=918186017, errorStatus=0, errorIndex=50, VBS[ = Null]], response=REPORT[{contextEngineID=80:00:1f:88:03:cc:16:7e:1f:8e:7e, contextName=}, requestID=0, errorStatus=0, errorIndex=0, VBS[ = 153489]], userObject=SnmpV3Profile [profileId=4740@161, name=Test2, rank=4, authProtocol=MD5, privProtocol=AES128, userName=QUVTOgK89Hb+iCjZOgLkma5Mvg8=
, authPassword=QUVTOrV7o8Hfs9z2T2ILVS8=
, privPassword=QUVTOrV7o8HfsS+H72ILVS8=
], error=null], original request:AsyncSnmp4jRequest [request=Snmp4jRequest [target=UserTarget[address=<ip removed for public>.21/161,version=3,timeout=3000,retries=2,securityLevel=3,securityModel=3,securityName=4740@161,preferredTransports=null, authoritativeEngineID=], pdu=GETNEXT[{contextEngineID=80:00:1f:88:16:7e:1f:8e:7e, contextName=}, requestID=918186017, errorStatus=0, errorIndex=50, VBS[ = Null]]],,
    userObject=SnmpV3Profile [profileId=4740@161, name=Test2, rank=4, authProtocol=MD5, privProtocol=AES128, userName=QUVTOgK89Hb+gLkma5Mvg8=
, authPassword=QUVTOrV7o8Hfs9z2TSLVS8=
, privPassword=QUVTOrV7o8Hfs9z2TS+VS8=

SNMPv3 report errors:  snmpModules(3). snmpUsmMIB(15). usmMIBObjects(1). usmStats(1)
      usmStatsUnknownUserNames        SCALAR    read-only    Counter

This indicates we are passing a bad user name to the target device.
Check the configuration on the device.
any devices created as pingables due to duplicate engine id, we deleted the pingables, did a synch on the da and they were now discovered as snmp devices after engine id was updated.

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