Snmpcollector Template Editor not opening

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Last Modified Date : 03/01/2019
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I have installed snmpcollector on a secondary hub.
On a clean install of the probe I can bring up the template editor in the Admin console.
I deactivate the probe and update the <nimsoft>/probes/network/snmpcollector/bulk_config/templates with
our custom templates and activated the probe.
Now when I try to open the template editor I get the following PPM error:

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The loglevel 5 PPM logs show:
ct 03 20:55:33:409 [attach_socket, ppm] Remote request to PF Probe made it through successfully, called /uim_XXXX/XXXXXXXXX/XXXXXXX/snmpcollector.get_ctd_configuration( crdta=� �Y�ϋ���`��)FU��s|T�n����N�@MN��qsp�g�i&(���� H@2��-U �m5م��d'�ۍ���1�i}�� ��x��7�E �Y(j�, crlen=1137) : got response = status=0, ctd_error={"@class":"com.nimsoft.ids.ctd.response.CtdErrorResponse","errorCode":"-1","errorMessage":"Attempting to add vertex that already '168ce551-b59c-42c1-ac70-50e02153e595'","resolution":""}
Oct 03 20:55:33:410 [attach_socket, ppm] Exception calling /uim_prod/xhd-pvapuim03_hub/xhd-pvapuim03/snmpcollector.get_ctd_configuration( crdta=� �Y�ϋ���`��)FU��s|T�n����N�@MN��qsp�g�i&(���� H@2��-U �m5م��d'�ۍ���1�i}�� ��x��7�E �Y(j�, crlen=1137) :(38) , No element found for key ctd_graph
Oct 03 20:55:33:429 [attach_socket, ppm] (38) , No element found for key ctd_graph

how can we correct this.
UIM 9.0 and earlier
snmpcollector 3.43 and earlier
Templates had duplicate ID values.
each template must have a unique ID value.
If you have multiple templates with the same the editor fails to open.
Edit the tempate files in <nimsoft>/probes/network/snmpcollector/bulk_config/templates

Review the fisrt 5 lines of each 8.tplt file and make sure the IDs are all different:
  "version" : 2,
  "id" : "168ce551-b59c-42c1-Bc70-50e02153e595",
  "name" : "Xilinx PAN 1 Devices",
  "description" : "This is the Default Template automatically applied to all juniper devices",