snmpcollector interface BytesIn/BytesOut views missing in USM Details when NFA views included

Document ID : KB000044212
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Interfaces monitored with both NFA and snmpcollector probes do not display the BytesIn/BytesOut snmpcollector metrics in the USM Details view when NFA views include the Stacked Protocol Trend In/Out charts. The BytesIn/BytesOut snmpcollector metrics are displayed in the USM -> Metrics menu

Example of snmpcollector Interface BytesIn/BytesOut metrics in USM -> Details


Example of NFA Interface Stacked Protocol Trend In/Out views in USM -> Details




Can the NFA Stacked Protocol Trend In/Out and snmpcollector BytesIn/BytesOut views be displayed in the interface Details view together?



All snmpcollector and nfa_inventory versions



NFA Stacked Protocol Trend In/Out views take precedent over the snmpcollector BytesIn/BytesOut metrics and only the NFA views will be displayed.

Note: The NFA/snmpcollector preference cannot be changed.