SNMPCollector dbbackup file becomes unopenable

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Last Modified Date : 08/06/2018
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We have noticed that the snmpcollector file, if the file is created when a new device gets added, becomes unopenable.

We found this out when we had an issue with the server and had to restore the smnpcollector db from it.

In the end we had to go to a backup thats made overnight, we copy the file off to another server. The file is 270MB
windows server 2008 R2
UIM 8.51
The probe currently takes the backup at a scheduled period and on shutdown 

The schedule is @1am after probe is started and then every 72 hours (default) 

When the probe takes the backup at shutdown with a large db this can cause a delay in the probe shutdown 
The Controller on the robot has a hard coded timeout for probe shutdown after which it will kill the probe. This is a deliberate design to avoid probes being stuck in a hanging state. 

If the backup takes longer than this timeout the controller will kill the probe before it has completed and leave the file corrupt 
This is planned to be fixed in the next version (3.44) of the snmpcollector
A temporary solution is available from support if required.