SNMP failure during SDC device discovery

Document ID : KB000096141
Last Modified Date : 29/06/2018
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After deleting of switches because of device replacing, the new switches cannot be discovered via SDC. It seems that devices are only reachable via ICMP, but not via SNMPV3, what's not correct. The problem can be resolved by restart of SDC service.
Discovery error messages:  

   model does not exist (111.222.333.444)
    model SPC-OCC-10447: Error discovering the device at 111.222.333.444
    This device has responded to an ICMP ping request, but not to an SNMP request.
    Probable causes for SNMP failure:
        The device may not be responding to SNMP requests. If the device is busy with network traffic, SNMP requests could be ignored.
        Timeout and Retry values could be too low. Increase and try again.
        The selected SNMPv3 profile may be incorrect. SNMP devices will not respond to SNMP requests if the v3 credentials are not valid for the device.
        Check the device for Access Lists. If the device has an Access List, your machine will have to be added to receive SNMP requests.
After the SDC restart the device is properly discovered.

Windows 2012 R2 Server Spectrum 10.2.2 + Spectrum_10.02.02.BMP_10.2.201
This is a known issue and currently the only solution is the SDC restart.
In 10.2.2 + BMP_201, there is no option other than restarting SDC. 
In 10.2.2 + BMP_202, a new action code 0x10333 is available to clean-up the entire cache, but unfortunately it’s not clearing in case of SDC.
Neither  10.2.3 +  PTF_321 or  BMP_301 includes the fix for this issue.
The plan is to extend 0x10333 action code to SDC as well, to clear the cache which is already not done and make it available in future release.