SMS gateway and messaging implementation options (smsgtw)

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Nimsoft recommends the following options for sending email notification via SMS:
Option 1: emailgtw
Every SMS provider has an email address to send SMS messages to, for example Verizon is: <phone_number> You can configure the nas to send SMS messages to one or more recipients using this format. While it is possible to use email-SMS gateways from the telecom providers, this introduces the customer?s email system as a point of failure (SPOF) in the notification path.
Option II: URL SMS Providers
Alternatively,? you? can also consider using URL SMS providers.? You can create a simple LUA script to send SMS through a URL-based service that the customer has subscribed to...
Option III: Modem
If you must use a modem, please refer to the smsgtw documentation for recommended modem:
The Multitech GPRS/GSM (model MTCBA-G2-U) modem has the following advantages:
1. It?s a known working/tested supported solution
2. It?s USB bus-powered (single cable connection)
3. It can use a separate antenna, allowing for flexible installation locations
4. It?s a quad-band modem that can be used worldwide with any GSM carrier; it takes a standard SIM card
5. In the US, AT&T offers several text plan options (pay-per-use, monthly unlimited, etc.)
6. It can be used with a pay-as-you-go SIM from a GSM provider (such as AT&T) at a reasonable cost
Keep in mind that one issue that makes smsgtw a challenge at times is that it can be difficult to configure the smsgtw and modem.

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