smpolicysrv -stats, throughput , response time etc missing

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Last Modified Date : 16/05/2018
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In one of the document from the CA on Policy server troubleshooting we have seen a sample stats output as : 

[6241/2681244560][Wed Feb 03 2016 15:03:07][CServer.cpp:4729][INFO][sm-Server-02030] Thread pool: Msgs=58844 Throughput=238.235/sec Response Time=4.820ms Wait Time In Queue=16.886ms Max HP Msg=1 Max NP Msg=50 Current Depth=0 Max Depth=50 Current High Depth=0 Current Norm Depth=0 Current Threads=8 Max Threads=8 Busy Threads=0 

However in our SMPS logs we could see something as below which does not have various other stats shuch as throughput , response time etc . Can you help us to know how can we identify these additional one's 

6568/4132][Wed May 09 2018 12:40:00][CServer.cpp:4618][INFO][sm-Server-01990] =================================================================================== 
[6568/4132][Wed May 09 2018 12:40:00][CServer.cpp:4619][INFO][sm-Server-02000] System Statistics 
[6568/4132][Wed May 09 2018 12:40:00][CServer.cpp:4636][INFO][sm-Server-02020] Thread pool limit: 16 
[6568/4132][Wed May 09 2018 12:40:00][CServer.cpp:4657][INFO][sm-Server-02030] Thread pool: Msgs=3441817 Waits=3390509 Misses=45241237 Max HP Msg=122 Max NP Msg=578 Current Depth=0 Max Depth=633 Current High Depth=0 Current Norm Depth=0 Current Threads=16 Max Threads=16 Busy Threads=2 
[6568/4132][Wed May 09 2018 12:40:00][CServer.cpp:4665][INFO][sm-Server-02040] Connections: Current=292 Max=947 Limit=2048 Exceeded limit=0 
[6568/4132][Wed May 09 2018 12:40:00][CServer.cpp:4668][INFO][sm-Server-01990] ==========================================
The change in the stats output to show throughput etc was implemented from CR5 onwards. Customer is on an earlier version. So, you would need to upgrade to get this.