SMPLOG not being written to.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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SMPLOG data is not written to a file or JES sysout.



The current sample setup for SMP/E as provided has SMPLOGs allocated but dummied out in the JCL. For example // DD DUMMY, therefore the SMPLOG data gets deleted.


SMPLOG datasets can be utilized using one of 2 methods.

  1. By specifying the DD in the JCL itself. Change all the DD DUMMYs and adding the datasets see sample 1 below.

  2. Identifying the dataset to SMP/E using DDDEF. See sample 2 below for adding DDDEFs.
        Sample 1  Adding in the datasets.           Sample Adding SMPLOG datasets:          Change from:           //SMPLOG   DD DUMMY      //SMPLOGA  DD DUMMY           Change to:          //SMPLOG   DD DSN= IPRFX.IQUAL..SMPLOG,DISP=SHR      //SMPLOGA  DD DSN= IPRFX.IQUAL..SMPLOG,DISP=SHR           Sample 2  Add the following UCLIN statements to your zone(s)  Delete any DDcards which dummy out SMPLOG|A.           Sample Adding DDDEF:          //SMPCNTL  DD *            SET BDY(GLOBAL).            UCLIN.            ADD  DDDEF (SMPLOG)            DATASET (IPRFX.IQUAL..SMPLOG)            SHR.            ADD  DDDEF (SMPLOGA)            DATASET (IPRFX.IQUAL..SMPLOGA)            SHR.            ENDUCL.         /*