SmartStorTools and remove_metrics option

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Important Note: This knowledge document was written before APM 10.5 when this command option changed. If using APM 10.5 and later, first review TEC1663998 before reading this -- Does the Smartstor Tool remove_metric command behave differently in APM 10.5.x and later?) 

SmartStor Tool Command : remove_metrics

Removes metrics matching the given regular expression. Use this tool to clean up metrics leaks and explosions.
Warning! Use the remove_metrics tool with caution. Since this tool deletes data, take care that you do not accidentally delete important data.


    -dest -- Destination SmartStor directory.
    -help -- Prints a help message.
    -metrics -- Regular expression for metrics to remove.
    -src -- Source SmartStor directory.



SmartStorTools.bat remove_metrics  -dest <destination directory> -metrics <metrics to be removed> -src <source directory>

For example:

<EM_Home>\tools\SmartStorTools.bat remove_metrics  -dest C:\SWDump\destination -metrics ".*Socket.*" -src <EM_Home>\data

When the command executes successfully, all the metrics except the socket metrics are present in the destination directory and the source directory has all the metrics intact.

UNIX remove_metrics  -dest < destination directory> -metrics <metrics to be removed> -src <source directory>



 Why do the metrics remain the same in the original smartstor directory (-src, aka Source Directory) after running the remove_metrics command?



APM 10.x Windows Linux

 The SmartStorTools ‘remove_metric’ option will not make any changes to the –src (source) directory. Instead, after successful execution the -dest (destination) directory will have the updated Smartstor database, with all metrics removed which are covered by the –metrics option regex. 

As an Example:

<EM_Home>\tools\SmartStorTools.bat remove_metrics –dest C:\SWDump\Destination -metrics ".*Socket.*" -src <EM_Home>\data

 SmartStorTools ‘remove_metric’ option will not make any changes to the –src directory (<EM_Home>\data).
 After successful execution the -dest directory ( C:\SWDump\Destination) will not have the metrics which are mentioned for the –metrics option regex (Socket).

 The ‘C:\SWDump\destination’ will not have ‘Socket’ related metrics in it.

The “src” can now be the backup – merely rename to <EM_Home>\data_BKUP! Just in case.
Create the folder “data” in EM_HOME and copy [or move] the content of “SWDump\Destination” into “data”.

Note: The Enterprise Manager needs to stopped during this process.

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