SMAccess logs do not adjust for Day Light Savings

Document ID : KB000007663
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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SMAccess Logs continue to show the GMT time offset and time as Standard Time, even after the time change for Day Light Savings.


AuthAccept LAVST01-U182532 [28/Jun/2017:16:54:41 -0500] " CN=smadmin1,CN=Users,DC=smadlab1,DC=com" "transpolaragent GET /transpolar/reservations/HeaderDump.asp" [idletime=3600;maxtime=7200;authlevel=5;] [0] [] [] 

The example is from the Eastern Time Zone, where standard time offset is GMT/UTC -0500 hours.  During Daylight Savings, this should be an offset of "-0400" hours.  This is not occurring in r12.52 SP1 CR01 Policy.  Timestamp and time offset continue to show the offset for Standard Time during DST.



Policy Server: r12.52 SP1 cr01Policy Server OS: ANY

This issue is resolved in CA Siteminder r12.52 SP1 CR06