Slowness in User Authentication when using CA EEM integrated with MS Active Directory

Document ID : KB000020326
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Authentication to CA Service Desk Manager may get slow when you use EEM integrated with Active Directory


Usually the response improves if you change the default Active Directory port 389 to Global Catalog port 3268.

A Global Catalog server is a domain controller that stores extra information; its database stores objects for the forest instead of objects only the one domain.

The objects that occur in domain directory partitions other than the local domain partition hold only a subset of attributes for each object which make the LDAP queries faster.

  1. Open the EEM console
  2. Login with the "EiamAdmin" credentials
  3. Go to "configure" tab->EEM Server->Global Users/groups
  4. Change port from 389 to 3268 and save.