Siteminder Startup Script and Cores not working

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Last Modified Date : 04/12/2018
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When we reboot the Policy Server machine, the Policy Server cannot 
start properly. We don't see it in memory.

We've configured the start script as : 


this file is symbolic link to rc5.d folder. 


# this script starts and stops the siteminder policy server 
# at boot time 
# start 

case "$1" in 


su - smuser -c /opt/CA/siteminder/start-all & 



su - smuser -c /opt/CA/siteminder/stop-all & 


Out of the box, OpenRC needs the script within /etc/init.d and doesn't 
expect any subfolder. 

Understanding the rc Scripts in Linux 

/etc/init.d/ To avoid script duplication, the files in the rc#.d/ 
directories are actually symbolic links to script files located in the 
/etc/init.d/ directory. Every service installed on the system installs 
a script in this directory which can be used to control that 
service. These scripts are written to take start options specifying 
that they should start the service, and stop options specifying that 
they should stop the service. 
Putting the S98sm in /etc/init.d/ folder and making a symlink
/etc/rc3.d/S98sm to /etc/init.d/S98sm solved the issue.