Siteminder R12 Report Server error: The report database server connection information is not found. Unable to continue.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Reports can not be run after restarting of the reports server.


SiteMinder R12 Report Server Error Message

The report database server connection information is not found. Unable to continue.

This error is generally caused by a problem with the Report server itself but is seen on the WAMUI interface screen when trying to run reports.

Following are a few things to check and one possible solution if this happens every time the report server is restarted.

  1. Check the SQL Server

    1. Check to make sure the SQL server user name password for the report server has not changed.

    2. Check to make sure the SQL server is up and running.

  2. Check the Central configuration manager to make sure all services are running. Usually when this error occurs it is because one or more of these services has failed. The main one to look for is the Central Management Server Service.

    Figure 1

    1. It is Normal for the Win HTTP Web Proxy and the WWW Publishing services to be stopped.

  3. Check your Application event logs

    1. If you seen t event ID 47610 with source of BusinessObjects_CMS, this means that the CMS services is trying to start before the SQL Server service is up and running.

      Figure 2

    2. You might also receive event id 34501 BusniessObjects_jobserv

      Figure 3

  4. If you receive these two errors every time you restart your report server take the following steps.

    1. Go to Programs -> CA -> IAM Report Server and start the Central Configuration Manager

    2. If the central Management Server Service is Started, Stop it.

      1. Right click on it and go to properties and click on the Dependency tab

        Figure 4

      2. Click on the Add button and scroll down until you find SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER) and click the add button.

      3. Then click the OK button to exit and restart the Central Management Server.

      4. The next time the report server is restarted these errors should not appear.