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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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There might be a situation where you wish to check the crawled content on the Sharepoint server without using the SDM web interface. To do this, it is possible to use the "Site Search" feature of Sharepoint itself, or use the 3rd party application "Sharepoint Search Query Tool".


When a user encounters a problem where the Sharepoint search on the SDM web interface does not find specific content, it may be necessary to isolate the problem to whether the root cause is in the Federated search feature, the Crawler surface, or whether there is specific content in the Sharepoint site. As the Search Query Tool and the Site Search will access Sharepoint directly, rather than via the SDM web interface, these tools may help you in such a situation.

SDM r12.9, 14.1Sharepoint Server 2013

[Search Query Tool]

  1. Access the URL, and download the file by clicking the download button.


  2. Unzip the downloaded file to an optional location on the server that Sharepoint is installed.

  3. Run the SearchQueryTool.exe.

  4. Set the values as per the screenshot below (Query Text, Authentication, Authentication Method, Username, Password) and click Run button.


  5.  The Primary Results tab will show the searched content as follows.

  6. The below knowledge document is the content that the Search Query Tools searched in the above screenshot.


[Site Search]

  1. Open the Central Administration.

  2. Click the 'Create site Collections' in the Application Management.
  3. Set the value as follows in the 'Create Site Collection' screen.

    Title??????????? : SDM (It is ok to set an optional value)
    Description??????? SDM (It is ok to set an optional value)
    Web Site Address : http://<hostname>/sites/SDM
    Select experience version: 2013
    Select a language?: English
    Select a template? : Enterprise tab > Enterprise search Center
    Primary Site Collection Administrator ?? : Set an appropriate user like administrator.
    Secondary Site Collection Administrator : Set an appropriate user like the user who has the crawler role/access type.
    Quota Template??: No Quota

  4. Click OK button.
  5. After creating the Site, access the URL http://<hostname>/sites/SDM that was generated in the above steps. The following screen will appear.


  6. Input an optional word as the search keyword and hit the return key. The search result will appear as follows.