Since upgrading IDMS, Unload produces error UT003008

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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trying UNLOAD/RELOAD in R18.5 for the first time since upgrading - when I try to unload two areas with cross area pointers the unload does not work. If I use the backup R18.0 load library, it works just fine.


UT003008 Subschema contains areas in multiple page groups for UNLOAD



UT003038 message was added for problem IDMS/5155 around 10/22/15. It was in the following PTFs:


Related Solution # Product Release Sol. Type Apar # Status:

750 IDMS 18.0 RO85831 CONFIRMED

559 IDMS 18.5 RO86036 CONFIRMED

560 IDMS 18.5 RO85797 CONFIRMED

151 IDMS 19.0 RO85839 CONFIRMED



 The subschema used by the UNLOAD/RELOAD utilities cannot contain

 areas defined in a page group other than the page group of the

 segment being processed.  The utilities do not indicate an error

 when the subschema contains areas in multiple page groups

 leading to possible errors in later steps of the unload/reload

 process.  This restriction is documented in the UNLOAD section

  of the CA IDMS Utilities Guide.