Since CA Optimizer/II r 8.5 does not support COBOL 6.2 What message will I receive if I tried to compile a program CA Optimizer/II with COBOL 6.2?

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Last Modified Date : 15/01/2019
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We are using CA OPTIMIZER/ II r 8.5 on several of our LPARs. On some of those LPARs, our Operating System folks are working to install Cobol Version 6.2. It was brought to our attention that CA OPTIMIZER II will not work with Cobol Version 6.
My question is this. If one of my customers tries to compile a new Cobol program in Version 6 or they try to re-compile an old program to update it using Cobol Version 6 what message will  i receive with CA Optimizer/II?
The CA Optimiuzer/II program CAOTSMON will fail with a CA U0127 abend followed by message 

CAPP127E Unsupported compiler release. 

This is for IBM compiler  release 6.x. In this example COBOL 6.2
PP 5655-EC6 IBM Enterprise COBOL for z/OS 6.2.0 P180522