Simplified steps to perform a generic 3.00 cabi probe installation for use with UIM only

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Starting with the 3.00 cabi probe release, there are now two modes are available for your CABI Server installation:

Bundled mode
Bundled mode configures CABI Server to communicate only with CA UIM. This mode installs a CABI Server instance on a CA UIM robot and simplifies the CABI Server installation process.

External mode
External mode allows a pre-existing CABI Server instance to communicate with CA UIM. The CABI Server is a CABI Server instance that was not previously deployed through the cabi probe. This configuration allows you to reduce the number of CABI Server instances that you must deploy and maintain.

The 3.00 cabi probe installation is a multi-step process.  This document attempts to provide the steps required to perform an initial 3.00 Bundled mode installation of the cabi probe in the order that they should be performed and the robots that they need to be performed on.


The instructions for a 3.00 Bundled Mode cabi installation can be found on the following Wiki page:

Install or Upgrade for a Bundled CA Business Intelligence JasperReports Server

This document was produced to outline the steps to be executed for an initial generic 3.00 Bundled cabi installation.  For instructions on changing ports used by the cabi web app, to change the cabi probe to use https instead of http, to configure Windows authentication on the CABI Server, or to upgrade for an existing cabi probe installation, please refer to the Wiki page listed above where these instructions are provided in detail.

UIM Server 8.51cabi 3.00 Bundled mode installation - first time install using all defaults
  1. Download all of the required cabi packages from the Web archive into the local archive on your primary hub:
    cabi-mcs-tempate:  3.00
    ump_cabi:  3.00
    cabi: 3.00
    uim_core_dashboards_pack:  2.20
    uim_aws_dashboards_pack: 2.10
    uim_azure_dashboards_pack: 2.10
  2. Deploy the cabi-mcs-template probe to your primary hub
  3. Deactivate the UMP wasp probe
  4. Deploy the ump_cabi probe to your UMP robot
  5. Activate the UMP wasp probe
  6. Go the Unified Service Manager in your UMP portal and select the CABI Server robot. Only select the robot where you want to deploy the cabi probe. Do not select a group or you will deploy the probe to every robot in the group (step 1).MCS+Bundled.png
  7. Select the Monitoring tab (step 2).
  8. Hover over the Setup CABI profile type name, and then click '+' to create a profile (step 3).
  9. Complete the profile setup information. You must select Bundled for the mode. Hover over each field to view additional information (step 4).
  10. Create the profile (step 5).
    The profile is applied to the probe configuration. You can view the profile status at the bottom of the Setup CABI profile.

    Warning! During the cabi probe package deployment, wasp restarts. The deployment can take approximately 10 to 20 minutes to complete. Do not attempt to restart wasp before the deployment is complete. If you try to restart wasp before the deployment is complete, CABI Server will not install successfully.

  11. Verify that the CABI Server installation is complete. The cabi probe might be active, but the installation process might not be complete. Go to the cabi probe log file and look for the following messages:

    <date_time> [main, cabi] cabi installed successfully.



    <date_time> [UserSynchronizationThread, cabi] Finished synchronizing users between UIM and CABI

    During installation, the cabi probe uploads the DataSource, domain, topic, and users. The wasp probe on the cabi robot automatically starts when the process is complete.

  12. Install the uim_core_dashboards_pack by deploying the package to the robot running the cabi probe.
  13. Install any other uim_<probe name>_dashboards_pack that you wish to use by deploying the package to the robot running the cabi probe.


Additional Information:

To Uninstall a 3.00 Bundled Mode cabi installation, please follow the instructions found on the following Wiki page:

Uninstall Bundled CA Business Intelligence JasperReports Server from CA UIM