Silent install for Password Authority Windows proxy

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Last Modified Date : 23/10/2018
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A user wants to use a silent installer to install the Password Authority Agent on Windows servers from the command line. The process needs to be automated using a silent install script, instead of having an admin log in and running the process manually.
Password Authority 4.5.3
To use the Silent install of the Password Authority Proxy, use the following command:
setup_windows_agent.exe -i silent -DUSER_INSTALL_DIR="C:\cspm_agent\cloakware" -DCSPM_SERVER_HOSTNAME="" -DUSER_SELECTED_FOLDER="C:\WINDOWS\Temp"
Will install the Proxy in c:\cspm_agent\cloakware using Password Authority server “yourhostname” and a temp directory c:\windows\temp.
The install location is fixed. Please do not change that.
The other parameters must be adapted to your environment.
After installation the you may need to modify the configuration file “C:\cspm_agent\cloakware\cspmclient\config\cspm_client_config.xml” to meet your needs.

Then, on the system where you installed the Proxy, run these three commands:
sc config cspmagentd depend= lanmanworkstation start= auto
sc failure cspmagentd actions= restart/120000/restart/120000// reset= 120
sc start cspmagentd

Finally, in the Password Authority GUI activate the proxy in “Targets -> Proxies”. The new proxies are marked with a warning.