Signons fail with ACF01032 LOGONID / SOURCE COMBINATION lid / src NOT VALID message after adding new E-SGP record.

Document ID : KB000053038
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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I just added a new E-SGP(entry source group) record and now some user signons are failing with an ACF01032 LOGONID / SOURCE COMBINATION lid / src NOT VALID message. What could be the cause of this problem?


You should ensure that yo do not define an E-SGP source group record with a record-id that matches a data entry in another source group---or the new group name will not be found, potentially resulting in an ACF01032 message.

For example, do not name a new E-SGP record BLD120 if BLD120 appears as an element in another group:

 set entry(sgp) 
 list COMPLEX            <---E(SGP) record COMPLEX already exists with data elements BLD110, BLD120 and BLD130.

Do not INSERT a new E(SGP) record with the name of one of the elements already in E(SGP) record COMPLEX:

 set entry(sgp)
 insert BLD120 type(sgp) newdata(room101 room102 room103)    <-----Will cause problem!

The insertion of the new E(SGP) record called BLD120 will result in ROOM101, ROOM102, and ROOM103 being added to the source group CONTACT, replacing BLD120 in CA ACF2's internal cross-reference table. BLD120 will no longer be considered as an input source.

Using the same name for a group and an element in a group is not supported for E-SGP records. This is not a limitation for X-SGP (cross reference source group) records.