Showing historical alarms in USM causes Flash to hang/stop responding

Document ID : KB000044218
Last Modified Date : 03/07/2018
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  • Attempting to select "Show Historic Alarms" in USM causes Flash to hang/crash.
  • Users may also see the memory usage of their web browser executable increase dramatically.

This is caused by having a very large number of closed/historic alarms.

Currently a new method of handling historic alarms is being developed and will appear in a future release.


Users may disable the "show historic alarms" button to prevent users from selecting it.

To do so, add the following key/value pair to wasp.cfg in the <ump_common> section:

allow_showing_historical_alarms = false

Restart wasp and now users will not be able to view historical alarms.

 Note: This option is only available in UMP USM 8.31HF6 or higher (e.g. 8.4.)  The latest hotfix for USM can be downloaded here.

Additional Information:
A new method of handling historical alarms will be included in UIM 9 that avoids this issue