Should Xtraction be configured to query a production database?

Document ID : KB000009889
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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By its design Xtraction queries the Service Desk Manager database directly to obtain the information it presents within its dashboards. In most cases configuring Xtraction to point to a production database shouldn't have any significant impact on the usage of the database. It is, however, possible that a user who has the ability to construct an Xtraction dashboard may construct a query that could have an adverse effect in the environment. If the query were constructed to returnĀ a lot of information, or if the database itself contains a lot of information within its tables it may be possible that the database itself could become locked while it attempts to retrieve the information. It is possible for the database application to become "stuck" and then have an overall impact on the performance of the database server itself and any applications attempting to connect to the database on that server.

In the instance of a large query locking the database, Service Desk Manager may experience slowness in the application and delayed response messages. As the Service Desk Manager database agents waits for the database to return the data, the system may time out or drop connection to the database if the wait is too long.


If the Service Desk Manager database contains a significant amount of data, or if it is expected that complex queries will be constructed in Xtraction, we would make the advisement to configure Xtraction to instead point to a replicated database.

Depending on the database version you are using there may be different methods for configuring replication of the database. Please consult with your database vendor to assure that you are following the proper procedure based on the version you are using.