Should we use the CA 1 Tape Management System ROBSCR option or the CA Vtape VTS Scratch Synchronization Job to notify CA Vtape VTS when a Virtual Volume is scratched?

Document ID : KB000048214
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We have ROBSCR set to Y and we are still running the Scratch Sync Job daily. This seems to be a duplication of effort since the Scratch Sync Job rarely reports that any tapes were scratched.


These are two methods to do the same thing, but each method does the notification in a different way so you should actually continue to use both methods. The recommendation would be to run the Scratch Sync Job weekly or even monthly.

With ROBSCR set to Y, CA 1 will call CA Vtape VTS for each Virtual Volume is scratched. Once that call is made, CA 1 will never call again for that VOLSER until it is reused and scratches sometime in the future. If the call failed and CA Vtape VTS did not change the VOLSER's status to scratch and the VOLSER will never be reused. The VOLSER is orphaned.

The Scratch Sync Job always requests a scratch report for all the Virtual Volumes and checks the status of each one. Any VOLSER which is not in scratch status is updated. If a VOLSER cannot be updated for that run, the VOLSER will be checked by the next run and updated them. No VOLSERs will be orphaned.

By activating the CA 1 call and then running the Scratch Sync Job once a week or once a month, you get immediate notification for the majority of your Virtual Volumes and periodic batch clean-up for problem VOLSERs.