Should I install CAICCI r1.1 or CAICCI r2.1?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Beginning with CA Common Services r11 for z/OS SP6 we deliver two versions of CAICCI...

CAICCI r1.1 - FMID: CW41100
CAICCI r2.1 - FMID: CW42100

Also delivered on this same tape is maintenance for CCI r1.1 (ZW41106)

You can install either release of CCI, although we recommend that new customers install CCI r2.1.

If you are currently running CCI r1.1 and you want to re-install CCI r1.1, you can do so by following the installation steps in Appendix C of the Getting Started Guide. If you want to apply maintenance for CCI r1.1 follow the maintenance steps in chapter 7 of the Getting Started Guide.

If you want to install the new release of CCI and slowly implement throughout your environment, we recommend the following steps:

  • Upgrade all currently installed common services to the SP6 service level. This includes CCI r1.1
  • Migrate this new maintenance throughout your environment
  • Install CCI r2.1 with the understanding that it will delete CCI r1.1 from the SMP/E environment. Of course this assumes the same environment is being used. If so, ensure that you maintain a library containing CCI r1.1 for those systems still running this version.

To clarify, if you are a new CCI customer (i.e. never had or used CCI previously), you need to install CCI r2.1 as it makes no sense to install CCI r1.1 being that it will be going away shortly. It is not possible to install both releases in the same SMP/E environment. The CAIRIM and CAIENF common components must be installed or maintained at the SP6 service level prior to installing CCI r2.1 in order to satisfy COREQS.

A few things to understand about CCI r2.1

  • It provides the same functionality as CCI r1.1
  • It provides the capability to run SSL
  • It provides separate PROCS and programs for non-SSL and SSL
CCITCP - non-SSL version executing PGM=CAS9ATGS
CCITCPGW - non-SSL version executing PGM=CAS9ATPS

CCISSL - SSL version executing PGM=CAS9PDGM
CCISSLGW - SSL version executing PGM=CAS9PDPM

As you can see, the PROCS and program names for the non-SSL code is exactly the same as it was for CCI r1.1

Please note that the SSL PROCS can run without SSL being implemented. However if you want SSL encrypted data you must properly configure the task as documented in the Getting Started Guide.

Now taking into account the current CCI-PC code (CCIPCSSL) that includes support for SSL...You can install this code on your desktop or server and continue to connect to either CCITCP or CCISSL on the mainframe. Of course, if you want to send SSL encrypted data, you must connect to CCISSL and have everything setup as documented. You can have both CCITCP and CCISSL running at the same time and simply specify the appropriate PORT# to direct which mainframe task you want CCI-PC to communicate with.

Lastly, there is no additional link-edit job (W010LINK) required for CCI r1.1 and CCI r2.1....The only place we document the W010LINK job is in the maintenance chapter embedded within a note intended for customers that might still be running the 'C' version of CCI.