Should an OMVS segment be assigned to my started task ACIDs before upgrading to zOS 2.1?

Document ID : KB000017631
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We have been running with OPTIONS(32,85) for a while now under zOS 1.13.

When running the TSSOERPT, we can see many Successful - UID or GID came from BPX.DEFAULT.USER events.

So under zOS 1.13, the default OMVS segment was heavily used.

After upgrading to zOS 2.1, I am guessing we can let CA Top Secret assign an OMVS segment for regular users.

But I assume system type started tasks may require some work on our part to get proper OMVS segment added.

I am not sure however if that will result or require us to do some type of change commands to change file ownership on the OMVS side.


With zOS 2.1, yes you can let CA Top Secret assign the OMVS segment for those acids that don't have an OMVS segment.

You can even let CA Top Secret do it for your started task ACIDs also. ]

The UNIQUSER and MODLUSER control options have to be set in order for CA Top Secret to assign the OMVS segment. Please refer to the CA Top Secret Control Options Guide for more details.

Yes you do have to look at your file ownerships in USS and change them so that your users and your started task ACIDs that are assigned an OMVS segment by CA Top Secret will be able to access the necessary files.