Sharing parameter value between server type

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The most common consideration while designing the process in Release Automation is ability to share the parameter value from one server type to another. For example assume the scenario where some action/flow running on one server type calculated some value and update a parameter define in system and the action/flow need to use update value running on another server type.

Disclaimer: There is a change in the way parameters are designed in system in version 5.* compare to 6.*. The document is written and validated considering the version 6.2 of Release AutomationRelease Automation: 6.2

How to share parameter value between server type?


1: Login to ROC and navigate to Designer -> Process Design

2: Select Components tab and open parameter pane and create a parameter for example "StatusUpdate" in below screenshot


3: Create two actions in component for example "Default Component"->Actions-> "Set Parameter Value - Integer" and "User Input - Stop for Manual Operation"

4: Open Process Tab and create a process for example "Parameter Sharing" and associate two server type with this process and click save


5: In the process under "Server Type 1" add action "Set parameter value - Integer" and configure it as below. (Note: the output of this action is parameter "StatusUpdate" from Server Type 1)

3.png   4.1.png

6: Assign action "User Input - Stop for Manual Operation" to Server Type 2 which is going to display value of this parameter "StatusUpdate" from "Server Type 1"


7: Create a link from action in Server Type 1 to action in Server Type 2, for example process will look like below. Save the process and check for conflicts. You must not be having any conflict.


8: Run the process and you will see action in "Server Type 2" can access parameter value of "StatusUpdate" from "Server Type 1". For example in this case it shows 50