Sharing asset resource contact environment data between Service Desk, CMDB, and Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management.

Document ID : KB000011326
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How can we update the resource contact environment tab in Service Desk or CMDB when the resource contact is changed by Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management?


Service Desk/CMDB contains a feature which copies the current resource contact information to the environment tab whenever resource contact information is updated from within Service Desk/CMDB. This enables you to maintain multiple contacts on a single asset. This environment information is available from multiple locations within Service Desk/CMDB, including the Profile Browser.

Prior to the release of UAPM 11.3.4 published cumulative patch RO02252, if you added or updated the resource contact through UAPM instead of via Service Desk/CMDB, this contact information was not copied to the environment data for Service Desk/CMDB. This meant that only the current resource contact information provided by UAPM was being maintained in Service Desk/CMDB. Secondary or additional resource contact information was not updated in the Service Desk Profile Browser environment data when changed by UAPM.

With the release of UAPM 11.3.4 patch RO02252, this situation has changed. Now, when the resource contact is updated through UAPM, a web services call can be configured in UAPM to cause Service Desk environment data to be updated so that multiple resource contacts can be maintained in the Service Desk/CMDB environment data by updating through UAPM.

To maintain consistency with previous behavior, you now have the option of implementing the web services call to update environment data, or you may simply continue to use UAPM and Service Desk/CMDB as before.

Details of how to configure this web services call are documented in the readme file that ships with UAPM patch RO02252.