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When using the Sharepoint Search via the Federated Adapter and a Knowledge Document is retired through the web interface and a crawl (Full crawl /incremental crawl) is run on Sharepoint, the KD will continue to be returned by the by the Sharepoint Search for 10 days by default. This is by design and due to the way Sharepoint's handles the deletion of content. The default interval (10 days) can be re-configured if required.

CA Service Desk Manager r12.9, r14.1Microsoft Sharepoint 2013

Sharepoint 2013 will keep the content available for 240 hours (10 days) by default after the KD is retired in Service Desk SDM. This interval can be changed by configuring the ErrorDeleteIntervalAllowed parameter.

Also, if Sharepoint cannot access a specific KD due to a network problem or similar, it will retry 10 times based on the ErrorDeleteCountAllowed parameter to delete the KD.

The following steps illustrate how to check the current settings and reconfigure the ErrorDeleteIntervalAllowed parameter

Firstly check the current settings of the ErrorDeleteIntervalAllowed and ErrorDeleteCountAllowed.

  1. Click Start button > Sharepoint 2013 Central Administration > Sharepoint 2013 Management Shell.
  2. Run "$sa = Get-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplication"
  3. Run the below command. Each command will show you the following values (They are parts of "→xx").

??$sa.getproperty("ErrorDeleteCountAllowed")??→ 10
?  $sa.getproperty("ErrorDeleteIntervalAllowed")  → 240

  ?Execution example)



It is possible to change the value of these parameters as shown below. The change will be reflected immediately. There is no need to recycle the service or reboot the OS.

$sa.setproperty("ErrorDeleteIntervalAllowed", 1)

Execution example)



After changing these settings, when a KD is retired in Service Desk and crawled in Sharepoint 2013, the content of the retired KD in Sharepoint 2013 will be deleted in 1 hour. The Sharepoint search will NOT return the KD from a search after this time has passed.


Additional Information:

Title: Manage deletion of index items (SharePoint Server 2010)