Sharepoint probe information/best practices

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Sharepoint probe
The sharepoint probe supports monitoring of Microsoft SharePoint servers, including:

- Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
- Microsoft SharePoint Services 7.0 ,10.0,13.0

Installation notes

The Probe and manager machines require Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Runtime installed.

On 64-bit Windows machines, the probe requires 64-bit Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 to run as 64-bit native application.

The sharepoint probe is delivered with a default configuration with a selected set of profiles to be monitored. These might require adjustments, such as the instances (for example, network card).

Events, Files, Filesystems, Performance counters, Processes, Services and WMI counters can be set as required and suitable for monitoring the Sharepoint Servers.
The sharepoint.cfx file which you can view in the probe package or after deployment (on the file system), contains the out of the box/default categories/counters for monitoring SharePoint servers. The same counters are also mentioned in the probe Help doc.

If you see any of these categories/counters/instances in perfmon but not in the probe then this is a probe issue.

In that case, check the SharePoint server logs after a restart.

If you don't see those counters in perfmon on the SharePoint server machine then its a SharePoint server issue hence the problem is not caused within Nimsoft and you should discuss this with your Windows admin and/or Microsoft support.

The SharePoint probe is used to monitor Microsoft SharePoint Servers. This probe is delivered with a default configuration with a selected set of profiles to be monitored.


Although the probe comes with a set of predefined counters, and other variables to be used for monitoring such as?

- Event logs
- Files
- Filesystem
- Performance Counter
- Processes
- Service

-> depending on the version of SharePoint server, you can modify the configuration to accommodate what is available to be monitored within/on the SharePoint server.

For counters, most of the Performance counters/counter names that should be present on the machine are listed here:
Other counters for monitoring may exist on the sharepoint server depending on the version such as:
Excel Calculation Services
Excel Services Web Front End
Excel Web Access
Office Server Search Gatherer
Office Server Indexer Catalogs
Shared Service Provider
Web Service
Web Service Cache
See Sharepoint counters doc Ive attached as well. KPIs depend on what you/the customer thinks is the most important but I?ve highlighted a few based on past experience in the attached word doc.


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