Several "CAKSSERV - Signon/Signoff Server is Active' Messages Appear In the CICS Log.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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There are many:

"CAKSSERV - Signon/Signoff Server is Active"

messages that appear throughout the day in the CICS log.

What does that mean? And what is the impact?


At CICS startup, CA Top Secret allocates a minimum of 5 sign-on servers to process sign-ons.

During heavy signon activity, CA Top Secret allocates more, if needed. It returns to the minimum of 5 signon-servers, once the sign-on demand decreases.

At first, you will see the message 5 times in the CICS log, one per server allocated.

Depending on sign-on activity throughout the day, the message may appear several more times throughout the day.

There really is not any impact to CICS. It's just an informational message.